Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Less really is more

When I was little, my mom (hi Mom!) had a cookbook: The More-With-Less Cookbook. As a kid, that was a little confusing. How can you make more with less?? Thank you, Mom, for introducing me to the concept of living small and simply at a young age.

Now I'm living it. Or, trying to.

Here's what I plan on doing with less:

  • relaxing more
  • spending more time with friends
  • travelling more
  • hiking more
  • cooking more
When I have less, I have:
  • less to pick up
  • less to worry about
  • less to clean
  • less to buy
  • less laundry to do
  • less to consume my energy
  • less complicated decisions to make
You can't imagine how excited I am to live with less! I look forward to looking at our mess and setting aside half an hour (not two or three hours) to clean up. And then spending the rest of the time out hiking in the mountains or in the yard enjoying the flowers and the sunshine (or, for most of the year, the snow! We have a wonderfully long winter here). 

As far as our human experience tells us, we only have a finite time to live and enjoy this life. I've always had a strong push to make the most of my time, and living smaller is helping me do that. We bought our house in the mountains not only for ourselves but with a deep desire to share it with friends and family. The Adirondacks are amazingly refreshing and beautiful! It's part of our goal to get everyone we know up here to experience this pleasure. By sizing down our stuff and fitting into this house, we'll have more time to bring more joy into our lives and into the lives of others. 

 What would you do more of with less?