Monday, April 29, 2019

Affordable Luxuries

I want to share with you some of my favorite ways of treating myself that don't cost more than $1 US and make my life richer and more rewarding.
  • A day off
When is the last time you took a day off for yourself and didn't have anything pressing to do? Isn't it amazing when you take a REAL break? Okay, maybe you can't take a whole day (kids, work, chores, blah blah blah) but can you take an afternoon? An hour? 30 minutes? 

  • Tea
At a cost of less than $0.50 US per cup, it's an affordable, delicious way to start your day. I recently switched from coffee to green tea in the morning and I'm noticing a difference in how I feel. I save my beloved cup of coffee (decaf for me!) for the early afternoon. If you're concerned about the ethical and environmental impact of your tea choice, look for Equal Exchange or find a local gardener who makes their own.

  • A hug
Yeah, yeah, I know. It sounds sappy/silly/whatever. But a real good hug from someone who loves you and who you love too is true medicine to the heart. Take 20 seconds for a hug and treasure them for just a moment in your busy day.
  • A walk in the woods
Maybe you don't live in the woods like I do, but chances are you can find a park, garden, trail or a pretty street nearby to refresh your soul and enliven your creativity. When I lived in city, I used to cringe at the length of time I walked versus the time I spent getting to the rail trail. So I started doing walks through my neighborhood once in awhile instead. If you can walk or bike to the park, better yet for both you and the environment! I always find my creative ideas flowing when I go for a walk, so I always kept a notebook in the car to record my thoughts when I got back. No matter where you go or how you get there, in my experience, it's time well spent.
  • A good read
And the best place to get it is your local library. Can't get to the library? Borrow from a friend. Right now, I'm reading Jane Dwinell's Freedom Through Frugality.

I hope you can find one of these ways - or one of your own - to partake in today and every day to live a full and luxuriously frugal life!